Our Story

a’Verde is the vision of Chef Katsuji Tanabe and restauranteurs Lou, Joy, and Amber Moshakos of LM Restaurants to bring exciting “downtown dining” to Cary. Together, this team moves to provide warm, neighborly hospitality, and set high standards for quality through innovative, delicious offerings from the kitchen to the bar. 

Chef Katsuji’s energy and passion for the WOW FACTOR focuses to bring all elements of the restaurant together. While Chef Katsuji delivers thoughtful and familiar Mexican fare, the dishes and flavors are next level. The menu intentionally emphasizes the goodness of North Carolina ingredients with gluten-friendly, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. The bar offerings mirror this excitement through a plethora of tequila and mescal options and edgy cocktails, 

a’Verde promises to be your downtown level restaurant closer to home.


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